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Sustainable solutions, value, and trust are the foundations to your plant lifetime performance

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Versatile Technology | Innovative Solutions | Lifetime Value

Grace has built a leading technology licensing and polypropylene catalyst business and we are committed to this business and our customers now and in the future.

Sustainability is critical for the long-term operation of your polypropylene (PP) business. Grace is pro-actively working on technology that meets current and future regulatory and environmental standards. Our efforts are focused on decreasing energy consumption, reducing the use of chemicals in our catalytic solutions and still meet or exceed your performance metrics, and increasing the safety and environmental friendliness of the UNIPOL® PP process technology, catalyst and product designs.

Innovation is the other bedrock of our commitment to your future. Our scientists and marketers monitor industry developments and innovate solutions that meet future process and product trends that increase the value of your business.

The Grace team is committed to each licensee over its plant life cycle: from design through construction and startup to ongoing operations and optimization.  When you want your product mix to evolve, our product specialists work directly with you to enhance your slate. When you need a plant expansion, our engineers advise on the best ways to increase capacity.

Your success is our success and we are committed to being with you on this journey.

  • Our commitment to your future shows in 
  • Our services organization to enable your optimization efforts
  • Your continuous learning through our community of knowledge
  • Our strong investments in process, product and software innovations
  • Our proven record of successful new technology introductions
  • Our focus on your success with a dedicated client team
  • We are a licensing and catalyst business today and in the future


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