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Catalyst Components-Transition Metal Components
Transition metal chlorides and titanium alkoxide compoinds combined with metal organics have found widespread application as catalyst components for the production of polyolefins. In fact, their efficiency in low pressure transition metal catalysts has added an entireley new dimension to the properties obtainable from olefin polymers. Grace supplies Antimony, Titanium, and Vanadium Products on a worldwide basis for the polymer production industry. Throughout our history, Grace has worked closely with customers to develop products tailored to their specific needs. For example, many of our products can be specifically blended and shipped in hydrocarbon solvents to the exact requirements of our customers. We solve tough problems in the custom manufacture of transition metal catalysts.Grace also maintains a fleet of B-type cylinders, C-type portable tanks, intermediate bulk containers (IBC's) and ISO containers designated for the shipment of transition metal components. Design, construction and maintenance of these containers are based on years of experience in compliance with the national and international transport regulations. Cylinders and containers and tested periodically in accordance with the appropriate regulations, and valves and fittings are replaced and tested for tightness prior to each shipment. Grace is committed to the safe handling and distribution of our products, including the transition metal components.

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