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Polyethylene Catalysts

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Operability.  Reliability.  New resins for new markets.  Let us help you improve your performance and efficiency while elevating your product slate.

The world of polyethylene is constantly evolving.  New products are developed to serve new markets and applications.  Reactors are larger and have greater capability.  And catalyst technologies continue to evolve as well.

Grace's Specialty Catalysts products are integral to make modern life possible.

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Grace's Specialty Catalysts products are integral to make modern life possible.

Watch the video

Watch the video

Grace's Specialty Catalysts products are integral to make modern life possible. We innovate early in the plastic value chain to enable lighter plastics for cars and durable plastics for extended use and reuse. The foundation for a more comfortable, more sustainable, future.

Evolving Global Demand

As consumer demands change, so do your requirements. From stronger film packaging to more durable and flexible HDPE pipe, global demand is driving the polyethylene industry and your product slates, requiring you to pivot quickly.

You are under pressure to optimize your plant's profitability requiring you to be flexible on throughput to meet changing market demands, all while striving for cost leadership and a standard of safety excellence.

These changing demands can present unique challenges depending on the process technology that you're using. From preventing fouling in the slurry process to static control when operating a gas phase plant, we have the technical experience and catalyst solutions designed to fit your specific needs.

So, when you're asked to convert a concept for an end-market need into the right combination of operations and catalyst, experience matters. Our technical experts have hands-on experience running reactors and have encountered the same problems and challenges that you face. 

Given our experience working in polyethylene plants, we are uniquely positioned to develop solutions together that meet your needs. With services ranging from on-site technical support to custom development, we can drive your business forward. Our teams work side-by-side with yours to ensure optimal results and improve your bottom line.

When it comes to your bottom line, our focus is on:

  • Plant Reliability: including safety, environmental, and operational needs
  • Optimization: Maximizing reactor throughput and optimizing costs
  • End-use Applications: Targeting high-growth end-use applications like film, blow molding, and pipe
  • Sustainability: Catalysts with higher throughput, less waste, and lower energy intensity

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