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Slurry Process Technology for PE

Leading to more advanced resin capabilities from commodities to premium products

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Profitability, Operability, Innovation

An optimized slurry PE reactor with the right combination of operating conditions and catalysts can produce some of the most valued polyethylene products on the market today.

Slurry polyethylene processes present a unique set of opportunities and challenges to the polyethylene producer.  As the preferred technology for HDPE products, they provide access to several premium applications like a pipe for construction and blow molding for industrial applications.  Dual reactor systems also offer flexibility and access to bimodal resins which provide advanced processing and performance properties.

However, meeting these application demands has its fair share of challenges.  From controlling reactor fouling or managing long qualification periods for premium resins, the hurdles you encounter can impact the overall profitability and reliability of a given reactor.

When our customers encounter problems, we're there to help 

Our technical group has walked hand in hand with customers that have had fouling issues, tweaking operating conditions and catalyst feeds until the problem is eliminated.  Grace has a long history of working with slurry loop and CSTR process operators.  We offer a broad portfolio of services and catalysts to meet the needs of any slurry process and any end market need. 

Grace's Chromium catalysts have been reliably producing pipe, blow molding, and film grades in slurry loop processes for decades and our technical experts provide dedicated onsite services during trials, commercialization, and also when the reactor isn't running exactly as it should.

We understand your most important considerations when running a slurry process.

  • Maximize reactor uptime: possible through minimizing catalyst transitions and unplanned outages
  • Access premium HDPE resins:  producing bimodal pipe and film, blow molding and injection molding with one catalyst system
  • Maximize prime production: consistent and reliable supply of catalysts and all key raw materials

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