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PE Catalyst Supports and Components

Find the perfect complement to your catalyst product with Grace’s catalyst components and supports

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A Consistent and Dependable Supplier

Grace’s decades of experience supplying resin producers the supports and components needed to make catalysts

Much like a house needs a good foundation, catalyst technology requires a solid base of supports and components to be effective. 

Grace has decades of experience helping resin producers compete in the global market with our supports and components. We offer a broad portfolio of both silica and non-silica-based components that can enhance catalysts of all major polyethylene technologies and processes.

Our team of experts will provide insights to find the product that best fits your needs to improve your catalyst with the properties you desire for your resin.

Chemical Components Supplier that Meets Your Needs 

Grace is the preferred supplier for chemical components and supports for your catalyst needs:

  • Safety First: Grace offers extensive product stewardship and is committed to the goal of No One Hurt
  • Technology Fit: Grace's broad portfolio covers all three major PE catalyst types (Chrome, Ziegler–Natta, and Single-Site Catalysts)
  • Material Expertise: Grace can provide technical help and insights should a problem arise in your production
  • Maximized Run Time: Grace's premier operations and supply team ensure you always have the product you want when you want it

Grace offers chemical components for small-scale and large-scale needs. 

  • Butyl Isopropyl Titanate (BIPT)
  • Magnesium Chloride Titanium Trichloride (MGCL2 / TICL3)
  • Tert-Butyl Chloride (TBC)
  • Trivalent Titanium compounds
    • Titanium Trichloride (TiCl3)
    • Titanium Tetra Chloride (TiCl4)
  • Tetra Isopropyl Titanate (TIPT)
  • Tetra N-Butyl Titanate (TNBT)
  • Tetra N-Propyl Titanate (TNPT)
  • Vanadium Oxytrichloride (VOCL3)
  • Vanadium Titanium (VTI)

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