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Solution Process Technology for PE

Offering PE resin producers a low-density product at high efficiency manufacturing rates

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Accounting for 10% of the world's PE production, solution technology offers its users capabilities that few competitors can access. We can help you unlock those advantages.

As the world’s polyethylene supply continues to grow and diversify, you need the means to differentiate your products from the competition and a solution process technology may be the key to your differentiation efforts.

Solution process technologies offer a wide array of resins to meet a variety of end-use applications. Capable of producing LLDPE, HDPE, and elastomers, solution technology is responsible for resins found in consumer products, healthcare, the automotive industry, and more.

With the benefits of this technology, however, do come unique challenges. Special attention must be paid, for example, to the temperature at which the reactor is run and the amount of downstream processing needed to recover the final product.

Grace has a long history of working with various solution-based process technologies, developing custom products with industry leaders that reap the benefits of this technology while minimizing the effect of its downsides. With a heavy focus on metallocene, organoboron-based activators, and MAO solutions, Grace has demonstrated its capabilities in solving the needs of its customers.

Let Grace work with you to develop individualized products that unlock your desired differentiation.

Grace Solution Process Offerings

Each producer has a unique set of needs and requirements. Grace works carefully with each organization to produce tailor-made solutions applicable to each individual situation.


Metallocenes are activated by co-catalysts - chemical compounds which generate an active center from the metallocene itself.  Two main types of co-catalyst include methylaluminoxane (MAO) and organic boranes/borates, and both are used with single site catalysts.


Metallocenes offer homogeneous compositional distribution of comonomer incorporation. Unlike Ziegler-Natta and Chromium catalysts, metallocenes have one type of active center and produce linear PE with narrow MWD. They are used in the solution, slurry, and gas-phase processes.

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