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Gas Phase Process Technology for PE

Developing new grades to meet diverse application needs

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Low Cost, High Reliability, Maximum Throughput

More than 1/3 of the global resin market is supplied by PE gas phase technologies.  Finding the right combination of catalysts and operating conditions is key to producing the right LLDPE and HDPE.

Gas phase process technologies represent the largest polyethylene footprint in the world. They are used to produce a wide array of commodity and premium resins that are eventually used in everyday products including food packaging, plastic bottles, recreational equipment, pipe, and large commercial goods.

And while the initial and ongoing operating costs are relatively low compared to other process technologies, there are definite challenges that producers face.

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As consumer demands change, so does your product mix.  And while the polyethylene gas phase technologies are designed for high volume throughput, they are not designed for small batches or specialty grades that require frequent changeovers.  This means it’s critical that you are able to maintain process stability and avoid costly shutdowns.

Furthermore, the reactors are large and difficult to clean which means switching to a new catalyst is a big decision and commitment.  You need to select the right catalyst to not only optimize your operations but also to maintain the same level of optimization over time.

Grace's polyethylene catalysts have consistently produced film, blow molding, and pipe grades using the gas phase processes for decades.  Additionally, our technical experts have years of hands-on experience working at gas phase plants.  We can troubleshoot static issues, sheeting, and help minimize the number of shutdowns for cleaning.  Our team provides the services, support, and catalyst recommendations you need to ensure the reactor is running as it should.

We understand your most important considerations when running a gas phase process.

  • Maximize reactor uptime by minimizing catalyst transitions and unplanned outages
  • Maximize prime production through a consistent and reliable supply of catalysts and all key raw materials

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