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Hybrid Process Technology for PE

Enabling the development of new plastics that outperform other materials

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Flexibility, Innovation, Distinction

Effective control of distinctly different conditions in each reactor of the hybrid process combined with the right catalyst can enable the production of high-value products.

Hybrid process technologies can produce PE products with a wide range of densities and MWDs, such as bimodal HDPE, MDPE, and LLDPE products. The new developments represent a leap forward in process technology, allowing flexible polymer design from bimodal to multimodal PE and facilitating the development of an ever-widening range of new plastics that outperform alternative materials.

In a hybrid process, the low MW fraction is made in the loop reactor and the higher MW fraction in the gas-phase reactor. Therefore, effective control of distinct conditions in each reactor with suitable catalysts is critical in enabling the production of high-value bimodal or multimodal products.

For decades, Grace has been qualified and supplying catalysts for key customers in the PE hybrid process segment with good product consistency and reliability. Also, Grace worked closely with global technology leading companies to provide our expertise and knowledge of catalyst development and manufacturing to enable innovations of new plastics.


We understand your most important considerations when running a hybrid process

  • Develop new and premium plastics:  produce bimodal to multimodal premium resins with distinctly different conditions and the right catalyst system
  • Maximize prime production: increase throughput with process-optimized catalysts
  • Maximize reactor uptime: consistent and reliable supply of catalysts and services

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