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Bulk Process Technologies for PP

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Balancing Operability with Your Product Range

Polypropylene bulk processes produce the largest volume of commodity resins globally and require advanced catalysts for conversion to differentiated resins.

The challenge is finding the right advanced catalysts to meet your needs. 

In order to maintain throughput and profitability, it’s critical to select the right-sized catalyst with the right morphology so that you can maintain a balance of high slurry density and flowability. 

The polypropylene resins that are produced with advanced catalysts should match the market requirements.  The right catalyst should produce high Melt Flow Rate (MFR) resins with fewer odors and have a similar molecular weight distribution to that of conventional phthalate-based PP resins - allowing producers to use the advanced catalysts on their existing processing equipment without having to change any of the process conditions.

When Experience Matters

For over 20 years, we have helped customers succeed at running advanced catalysts in their bulk processes. 

We’ve made significant investments in research and development, producing a broad range of catalyst platforms for bulk processes, that enable unique solutions for our customers.

Our platforms include 4th generation phthalate and 6th generation non-phthalate polypropylene catalysts with a selection of sizes and morphology that are tailored for all bulk process platforms including Spheripol®, Hypol®, Borstar®, and others.

With a deep understanding of end-use applications and a unique view of the total value chain from resin manufacturing to conversion to the final product, our team is here to help you every step of the way.  We have the talent, capabilities, analytical resources, and direct experience with different process technologies to help you with your biggest premium resin challenges.

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