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Slurry Process Technology for PP

Stiffer clearer resins for premium applications in electronics, construction, and automotive

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Slurry processes have the unique capability to produce highly specialized polymers but being able to identify the unique markets and the necessary polymer properties is critical to the profitability of your operations. 

To be successful, you need to have a deep understanding of end-use market trends and technology developments.  This research and understanding is critical to identifying the niche applications where your polypropylene resins can act as a replacement for more traditional materials with strict performance requirements. The benefit to your customer is a lighter, recyclable, and more sustainable product.

From high stiffness HPP resins for clear films in high-performance electronics to block copolymers that can withstand exceptional cold temperatures for pipe applications, it’s critical to determine the special end-use application that will bring you the most profitability as a producer.

But the decisions don’t end there. 

Finding the right catalyst for your slurry process is critical to the efficient operation of your plant. The ability to maintain consistent slurry concentrations with good mixing requires a specific catalyst size and distribution control (low fines) to keep your plant up and running.  And a catalyst's ability to minimize the production of reactor solubles (oligomers) can dramatically increase your yield and improve downstream processability.

Experience Matters

With over 40 years of experience and as the largest catalyst supplier to slurry plants around the world, Grace has developed a full range of catalysts to meet the special needs for slurry plant operators.

Grace’s support for customer success includes

  • Bench-scale testing for early proof of concept
  • Product design and polymer analysis
  • On-site technical support for troubleshooting and new product trials
  • Global supply chain network for reliable catalyst sourcing

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