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Stirred Gas Process Technology for PP

A reliable catalyst partner to create the bridge you need to reach your goals

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Extend your product range with a strong catalyst partner

Move beyond commodity homopolymers by overcoming process limitations

Stirred gas processors are largely focused on commodity homopolymer resins driven by regional market demands. 

Additional process constraints exist due to unique recycle condenser limitations and frequent reactor discharge line pluggage due to reactor temperature control and agglomeration.  These issues result in lower product differentiation, reactor downtime, and reduced profitability. 

The process’s inability to manage higher levels of hydrogen in the reactor can limit the capability to produce high flow resins.   And sensitivity to catalyst feed dispersion requires even mixing to avoid hot spots and agglomerations in the process.  

Overcoming limitations and creating profit

The right catalyst partner offering capable catalyst systems (catalyst and external donor) and experienced technical service can help you overcome limitations and create profit for your business. To reach higher value resins with high flow and high stiffness, catalyst technology can be used. 

Grace is the largest supplier of catalysts to stirred gas processors.  With 20+ years of experience helping customers meet their business goals, Grace can provide a full range of catalysts, external donors, and technical support to implement the solutions you need.

When it comes to your bottom line, our focus includes:

  • Plant Reliability: including safety, environmental, and operational needs
  • Optimization: Maximizing reactor throughput and optimizing costs
  • End-use Applications: Targeting TWIM, high stiffness injection molding, random copolymer films
  • Sustainability: Catalysts with higher throughput, less waste, and lower energy intensity

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